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Please complete the following form, and tell us what has happened.

The form will be submitted and reviewed by one of our experienced Claims handlers, who will be able to advise you on how the claim will proceed.

Please note, we make every attempt to deal with your claim as quickly as possible, but on some occasions, it may be up to 24 hours after you have submitted the form.

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If you are at the side of the road, we can help with the recovery of your vehicle. If you are at the side of the road, but your vehicle is drivable, then please feel free to continue with the online submission.

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If anyone was seriously injured during the accident, we feel it is important to speak to you right away. However, if no-body was injured, or injuries were minor, then please feel free to continue with the online submission

Please note, this contact number will be used if we need to speak to you about the claim.

Please note, this e-mail address will be used to send you any correspondence about your claim.


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If you do not have your policy number to hand, don't worry, we can find your policy off the above information

In order for us to process your incident, it's important that you provide full and accurate information. The details you provide will be recorded and may be shared with other organisations and checked against databases such as the Claims Underwriting Exchange: this is to help prevent fraud. We may share your information with carefully chosen suppliers to assist with any claim.